Agromatic Regelungstechnik GmbH

Innovative actuator designed for use worldwide

Agromatic is proud to present a new actuator for the first time at the Valve World 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany; the new actuator boasts a die-cast aluminium housing with BLDC motor, wide-range power supply unit and controller for numerous applications in machine and plant engineering. In contrast to brushed commutator motors BLDC motors offer unprecedented benefits with regard to endurance characteristics and service life. No particles are created from brush wear. That effectively avoids lubricants being contaminated and operating performance deteriorating over time as a consequence. The actuator is produced in series equipped with a BLDC motor, wide-range input (85-264 VAC and 120-370 VDC as well as 24 VDC) and a controller. Thanks to the designed-in holding torque the motor is able to hold the valve in the desired position when power is applied. The actuator is produced in series rated to protection class IP66 and can also be optionally equipped with a potentiometer, transmitter or Hall sensor.”

Exhibitor Data Sheet