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Lesjöfors Benelux, part of the Lesjöfors group, is specialized in Heavy springs and Power Springs.
The Lesjöfors group has the capacity  to produce almost every spring, regardless of length, weight, material, etc.
At this moment the Lesjöfors group consists of 28 specialized factories, 8 sales offices and an extensive inventory program. Springs with wire diameters up to 65 mm and weight up to 350 kg are no exception. To the possibilities also includes applications involving high or low temperatures, exposure to chemicals or mechanical friction, where materials as Inconel X 750, Inconel, Monel, Nimonic 90 718 K500 and MP35 are applied.

In addition to more than 11,000 standard Springs, including about 900 different gas springs (also available in stainless steel), we also offer custom made products, in both wire-like band material with dimensions from 0.03 mm up to hot wound springs to around 70 mm wire gauge.  Due to the fact that we have a 6000 m2 large warehouse in Hagen, Germany and a central warehouse in Sweden, we can execute fast deliveries out of stock. Also regarding custom made products we can supply on demand directly 'out of stock' (based on annual contracts). 

The Lesjöfors engineers have extensive knowledge and experience to make sure that you make your choice in the right spring. They are directly involved in the product development, the support in technical calculations, the choice of materials etc.
In addition to the standard test procedures, the FEM analysis, the longevity and the relaxation tests can be part of the possibilities. Our strength is not only in the service that we offer or the advice that is given to the customer but also in the fact that we are able to offer a combination of standard and custom made springs. 

We hope that we have awaken your interest and you will take to time to visit our stand.

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Lesjöfors Benelux
Welbergweg 52 | NL-7556 PE Hengelo
The Netherlands
Email : info@lesjofors.nl

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