SAMSON AG Mess- und Regeltechnik

New Impetus to Valve Automation

SAMSON’s focus is on the smart control valve at Valve World Expo 2016 to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany. The spotlight is placed on the new TROVIS 3793 Positioner, which has been specially designed for large actuators. On booth D53 in hall 3, it will be presented on a cage valve with a tandem actuator.

The cage-guided Type 3591 Globe Valve is available in sizes up to NPS 32 and pressure ratings up to Class 900. The flanged seat ensures that forces are optimally absorbed, yet makes for easier maintenance. The valve uses a pressure-balanced piston, which moves within the cage, as the closure member. The piston rod is sealed by either a PTFE or graphite packing, which is either self-adjusting or can be adjusted manually. For protection, the cage valve is fitted with an anti-rotation fixture.

The pneumatic actuator with 2800 cm² diaphragms and a rated travel of 250 mm is a new addition to the SAMSON portfolio. The actuator with rolling diaphragms can be adapted to achieve various bench ranges by varying the number of springs or their compression. These versions of the Type 3271 Actuator feature a powerful thrust at high stroking speed and low friction.

SAMSON will also present for the first time its newly developed TROVIS 3793 Positioner with a consistently modular design. This flexible positioner has been specially designed to meet the requirements imposed by large actuators. The protected, non-contact travel sensing system works free of wear and allows for a reliable analysis of the valve position even in critical conditions.

By using communication-enabled positioners with diagnostic functions, control valves become smart final control elements that can be used in Industry 4.0 environments. In addition to the WirelessHART® technology, which is already available, SAMSON will present initial practical applications in various pilot setups based on Ethernet in the field (APL), OPC UA, Bluetooth®, and SAM-LAN, the new wireless network solution by SAMSON.

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