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Recent achievements by Delta Controls (member of the Veenstra Group)



In the beginning of this year Delta Controls performed a large FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) turnaround at the refinery of Exxonmobil in Rotterdam. Historically Delta Controls has been the go to partner for FCC service at this refinery. This year Delta Controls received the 8th consecutive safety and excellence award from Exxonmobil, making Delta Controls the only contractor in the world to accomplish this!


Furthermore Delta Controls won a tender published by the Gasunie for the delivery of scotch yoke actuators. For the next 10 years Delta Controls will supply all scotch yoke actuators for all Gasunie locations in the Netherlands. This is not the only tender published by the Gasunie that was awarded to Delta Controls, we are also the go to service partner for all preventive and corrective maintenance on valves and actuators. Furthermore the Veenstra Group has won a tender for preventive and corrective maintenance on valves for the NAM (part of Shell), this also includes offshore maintenance services. Consequently the Veenstra Group is the main source of service and repair on valves and actuators for the oil and gas industry within the Netherlands.





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