Armaturen-Wolff Friedrich H. Wolff GmbH & Co. KG

Safeguarding Failures with Manual Remote Control using tramistec® Flexible Reach Rods

Flexible Reach Rods from the tramistec® brand of ARMATUREN-WOLFF offer an unusual, yet proven reliable and well established solution to remotely operate valves from a distance: A flexible, torsionally stiff core, made of a steel cable wound in several layers encased in a rubber-to-metal protection and guiding sleeve, transmits the torque from an operating unit directly to the handwheel or the stem of a valve.

A complete arrangement comprises an operating unit with or without position indicator, one or more sections of Flexible Reach Rod, components for wall penetration, fixing elements as well as adaptors for a multitude of connection requirements. For applications requiring a specifically high torque, it is possible to use a gearbox, or – the latest development at ARMATUREN-WOLFF – to use a special variant of the Flexible Reach Rod, which is suitable for torques up to over 100 Nm.

Alternatively, it is possible to connect the Flexible Reach Rod to the emergency hand operation of an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator, thus providing a backup for the automation without a requirement of auxiliary energy.


There are systems from the tramistec® Flexible Reach Rod line of products in service in civil and Navy shipbuilding, in petrochemical as well as process industry, and in applications of machinery construction.

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