The Blagoveschensk Valve Plant (BAZ), one of the oldest valve plants in Russia, has passed the certification audit of compliance with API Q1/ISO 9001/TS 29001. The audit at the BAZ plant, located in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia, was held by API specialists. Following the audit results, BAZ was authorised by the American Petroleum Institute to place the API Monogram on its products, which comply with API 6D. BAZ was founded in 1756 and is one of the main pipe-line valve manufacturers in Russia and CIS countries and unique for various types of products in the Russian Federation.

The product profile incldues pipeline valves made of carbon, low-alloy and stainless steel with nominal bore diameter 50-600mm and working pressures of 16-250kgf/cm2. BAZ is currently renovating and modernizing its mechanical equipment. The vacuum, moulding line, produced by the German company “Heinrich Wagner Sinto”, has been started and is successfully operated. The system Stratoconception, produced by RP 21 in France, has been set for rapid prototyping and pattern equipment manufacturing. In addition, the multipurpose processing centers from Trevisan, Italy, have been put into action for large-sized body work pieces machining.