AS-Schneider applies for patent for connector

AS-Schneider recently applied for a patent for a new optimised stabilised connector for valve manifolds. These are used, for example, to secure measurement devices on gas pipelines. They rest on the body of the measurement aperture flange thus increasing the stability of the connection.

"This installation of this connector in the measurement area is usually very work-intensive. The adapter must be rotated to an exact position so that the output-side of the connection flange has the proper alignment which is very difficult to do due to the use of the conical male threads”, describes Markus Häffner, head of Design and Development at AS-Schneider. "In the new design, the connector can be easily screwed into the measurement point without regard to the position of the connection flange. The position of the flange can then be adjusted conveniently and reliably". With the new stabilised connectors, integrated valves can also be integrated and pressure-tested at the plant, which usually can only be done at the construction site of the measurement.

AS-Schneider has developed this solution working closely with customers from the gas industry to meet the practical needs as effectively as possible. In addition, the company has also extensively tested the product before using it for the first time.