Arabic language displays for AUMA actuators will aid local operators of the valve automation system that controls a 325km water pipeline running from the Jordan-Saudi Arabia border to Amman. The Disi-Mudawarra to Amman water conveyance project aims to provide relief to Amman by providing around 30% of the capital City's water requirements.

The water conveyance system, which runs from Mudawarra to Amman in Jordan, will be supported by 400 of AUMA’s new Generation .2 range modular actuators - SA 07.2 – 16.2 / AC01.2. Included in the system are 55 production wells, 120km of collection piping, 325km of conveyance piping, two pumping stations, four tanks, one reservoir, control valves and operation / maintenance facilities.

Key reasons for selection of AUMA actuators for the scheme were design adaptability; bus capability (Profibus DP, redundant); double sealed housing - IP68-DS; an Emergency Stop push button; the ability to provide regional language displays and English/Arabic faceplate. The scheme is scheduled for completion in January 2013.