Germany-based manufacturer WITT has developed the new AV919 with a previously unavailable performance spectrum. These special safety valves allow presure in technical gas systems to be kept constant. Even the smaller AV619 version is impressive. It blows off unwanted overpressure in a very low range from 5 to 500mbar with the greatest reliability and consistency.

The new AV919 also masters these low setting pressures, while keeping a blow-off volume ten times greater at 967m3/h under control. The opening pressure of the new development, still very compact despite being around 90 x 170mm larger, is set precisely at the factory. The manufacturer can provide a TÜV (Technical Inspectorate Authority) test on request. This component weighing around 1500 grams can be used with all technical gases in a wide temperature range from -40 to +300C.