Bürkert highlights new flow meter technology

For Bürkert, this year's Hannover Messe will mark an exceptional year of innovation and new developments. The fluidic control systems specialists from Ingelfingen transitioned from being a components manufacturer to systems provider, offering comprehensive technological solutions. The newest step in this transition is marked by a compact online analysis system for fresh water treatment and a new flow meter technology.

Bürkert's new Online Analysis System Type 8905 has been designed for waterworks to provide continuous monitoring of treated and untreated waters and storage of the most important measurement parameters before the water enters the supply network. With this innovative platform, Bürkert banked on miniaturisation and modularisation. Multiple technologies had to be developed first, in order to make the flexibility of the new system possible. The target group would be plant construction companies and operators of water treatment plants.

The other innovation is the FLOWave flow meter based on the Surface Acoustic Wave technology (SAW). FLOWave works completely without any components inside the pipeline. FLOWave is suitable for any liquids – even non-conductive ones – and its measuring principle works even at very low liquid velocities.

Both systems already use the new Efficient Device Integration Platform (EDIP) that will be Bürkert's gateway to the new world of ‘Industry 4.0’.