On 16 May BP began capturing some of the leaking oil flowing into the sea by attaching a pipe to a ruptured well. The company has connected a mile-long funnel to start capturing some of the leaking oil and carry it to a ship at the surface.

BP said the fix, which will catch only part of the spillage, is an "important step". A containment vessel is also sitting on the sea floor as an alternative to capture oil to be taken to a barge. The company has also started drilling two relief wells, a procedure that will not be complete until August. Scientists at the site said they have found vast underwater plumes of oil, ten miles long and one mile wide, raising fears of more damage to the Gulf.

In response to BP’s breakthrough in controlling the oil flow, the US administration has said the technique is not a solution and asked BP to permanently seal the well head, clean up the spill and restore the communities and natural resources of the Gulf Coast.