Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has partnered with Green Fuels Ltd, a biodiesel equipment manufacturer, providing a complete package of ATEX-rated valves, flow sensors, level switches, positioner systems and conductivity and flow meters, for Green Fuels’ latest Fuelmatic system.

Designed to produce up to 20,000 litres per day of the highest quality biodiesel, the fully automated Fuelmatic is skid-mounted for ease of shipping and installation. The fully automated Fuelmatic is controlled by a PLC which interfaces seamlessly with Burkert’s 8640 pneumatic valve islands. These units are built to specific requirements, and save space by providing for the actuation of up to 24 valves on compact modular backplanes.

The Type 8640 provides users with a combination of pilot valves I/O modules and Fieldbus communications for the control of the widest range of process valves. On the redesigned Fuelmatic the 8640 system provides actuation of Burkert pneumatic angle seat, globe and diaphragm valves, all with Type 1062 electric feedback switches, and the Type 2712 modulating globe valve with ATEX electro-pneumatic positioner.

In addition, completing the package are ATEX- approved flow and displacement sensors, vibrating level switch, positive displacement flow meters and a conductivity transmitter.