COOPER Valves appoints new operations manager

COOPER Valves has added Chris Huntsman to its management team as Operations Manager. Huntsman has been added to the management team to guide COOPER through its rapid growth path and develop cost effective manufacturing processes.

Huntsman, with over nineteen years of purchasing experience will play a key role in aligning suppliers with our manufacturing needs, all while creating cost savings. His working understanding of the design process and CAD drawing experience will play an important role when communicating manufacturing needs to COOPER Valves’ suppliers. “We are excited about having Chris join our team to help us improve product on-time delivery and cost reduction as an added value for our customers. This is in direct keeping with our core value statement of ‘Quality without Compromise’,” a COOPER spokesperson said.

COOPER Valves’ day-to-day operations, development of Gate, Globe and Check product lines, and the expansion of the ball valve division will be in the capable hands of Huntsman. Huntsman will be responsible for developing a cost-effective sourcing structure that enables COOPER Valves to continue to manufacture high quality products. Other improvements to the business are expected, such as on-time delivery, increased monthly shipments, and supply chain success.