Spurred on by the growth in sales of its diversified line of control valves, regulators and tank equipment in Europe, Cashco, Inc. recently opened a new sales and service office in Hoppegarten, Germany, just east of Berlin. The office will serve as a sales and service centre for all of Europe, including the “Eastern Block” countries, and western Asia.

According to Clint Rogers, General Manager, Valve Division, Cashco, Inc. the German expansion also provides Cashco with engineering and design capabilities, as well as new manufacturing capabilities.

“This will allow us to design and introduce new products that are unique to the European market,” he says, noting that those products may also hold potential for use in the U.S. “Our desire is to share some design capabilities between the U.S. and Europe and, hopefully, ship more U.S. products to Europe and vice versa.”

By collaborating on design capabilities, he relates, Cashco can better fit the needs of both markets with a broader line of products built in both countries.

“The new sales and service offices in Germany, along with a new sales and service office in Brazil and our new corporate headquarters in Ellsworth, Kansas, is just part of our commitment to growing our business and supporting our customers,” Rogers continues. “We already have people in place at both branch offices, who not only understand the local markets and languages, but can respond in a much more timely and efficient manner than we can from the U.S.”