ContiTech launches new CALS

ContiTech launched a new air spring module for priority use in trucks. The new Continental Air Spring Leveling System (CALS) will regulate the vehicle level with an ultrasound sensor and integrate valve function for filling and bleeding right at the air spring plate. The wear-free, extremely precise ultrasonic height sensor implanted in the module replaces the currently common mechanical height sensor, which has rods that are prone to failure. The sensor can be adapted to various air spring designs and axle types by replacing the software.

When filling and bleeding the air spring, a directly controlled solenoid valve allows maximum strength and compactness. CALS even greatly simplifies the vehicle layout. Instead of several individual parts, just one module is used, which takes up considerably less space. At the same time, the system will further reduce the number of electrical lines and connections in the vehicle. These two changes ease assembly on the vehicle production line and lower the logistical cost compared to several individual parts. At the same time, CALS lowers vehicle weight significantly. On a truck with a trailing axle, it can save more than 3.5kg per vehicle. The lower weight also reduces fuel consumption

The CALS is still in the development phase. Mass production is planned by 2017.