Buckling pin pilots by Rupture Pin Technology can control readily available actuated ball and butterfly valves. These valves can incorporate chemical compatibility with no size or pressure limit. Where possible, the system fluid or steam can be used to supply actuator pressure as directed by the pilot.

The precise pin in the pilot gives the valve assembly unparalleled accuracy for a non-electronic device. The pilot can be designed to sense pressure upstream, or downstream or differential pressure. At set point the pin will buckle and switch a two position five way valve to direct system fluid or instrument air pressure to the actuator.

This gives the valve assembly several important features: extreme accuracy, controlled speed of opening or closing, the ability to test reliability under pressure, and the ability to replace the buckled pin and return to service in less than a minute regardless of the assembly size. Direct pilots can supply system fluid to the actuator without the five way valve.

On assembly orders, the user can specify the required valve and actuator. By using poco pins the system set pressure can be changed in less than a minute. A Rupture Pin pilot and a linear actuator can be used to open or close gate valves at set pressure.