DEME wins energy-related contracts worth EUR 250M

The DEME group has recently won numerous assignments for large, energy-related projects from different companies. The assignments will be executed for oil and gas companies and businesses working within the renewable energy sector and represent a total value of EUR 250M.
Dredging International will carry out dredging work in Santa Marta, Colombia, for a turning basin and mooring facilities for the Drummond Project. This large-scale project is part of preparations for new loading installations for coal. The work, starting in July 2013, involves the use of four trailing suction hopper dredgers, and will take about six months to complete.
Tideway is to install a landfall for a pipeline for Saipem in northwest Venezuela, near Punto Fijo. The job involves dredging of a 6.5km trench at sea and installing a landfall. The trench will then be backfilled with locally sourced sand. This work must be completed by the beginning of 2014.
Tideway has obtained additional work for the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. On behalf of Saipem, Tideway will carry out a landfall on the northern side of the peninsula for the Dragon gas field. The task includes dredging of a trench, building a stone platform and anchoring it in a rock face.
In the context of the work for the new Wheatstone LNG Project for Chevron in Western Australia, Tideway will level the seabed and install erosion protection measures as part of a joint venture. Tideway also has additional projects in the Irish Sea and two dredging projects in India.