Dust plugs and vinyl bags for interlocks

Keeping valves free from sand and salt while operating in the most extreme environmental conditions, such as deserts or offshore, can be a difficult task. Smith Flow Control has developed a range of dust plugs and vinyl bags to keep interlocks free from the worst of the elements, even in the most hostile environments.

Dust plugs are a simple and highly effective way to prevent dust and dirt ingress into key interlocks. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and fitted with a ‘soft sealing’ aperture gasket, the plug is inserted into the key aperture as soon as one of the coded keys is removed. By creating a tight fit, the plug seals the aperture and will not become dislodged, allowing the operator to complete the assigned task.

A simpler solution, the vinyl bags envelop the complete interlock unit and protect key aperture points and lock bodies. These robust covers are weather- and dust-proof and have UV protection so that they do not deteriorate in the sun. The bags can be fitted to both handwheel- and lever-operated valves and a drawstring allows then to be tightly closed and firmly attached to the interlocked valve.

Both these products are simple to use and provide a powerful physical barrier for the valve interlocks.