Electric turning actuators

Acrodyne introduces Oden turning regulating actuators which are built on a modular system. By combining the different types of basic units and turning modules you get the complete turning actuators. Maximum torque is 400 Nm and 4500 Nm is achievable with the added gear.

Features included for all types of valves and application with complete built-in servo system, 4-20 mA control and position signal, 24 VDC, a programmable with Oden Valve Program (OVP), automatic calibration, and low weight and compact design.

These actuators use the unique Oden Gear System™ which provides extremely high efficiency. These allow easy and fast mounting without need for alignment to the valve spindle and no back-up accumulators or sensitive electromechanical components are used. These combine modern electronics with unique gear technology, providing an extremely accurate and compact actuator.

The product range includes P30R Turning Actuator (5-30 Nm), P30EXR Turning Actuator (5-30 Nm), P50R Turning Actuator (5-50 Nm), P220R Turning Actuator (10-190 Nm) and P500R Turning Actuator (10-400 Nm).