Emerson opens nuclear excellence centre

Emerson Process Management has opened a Nuclear Excellence Centre dedicated to engineering, services and training for Fisher valves. The new centre at Emerson’s valve manufacturing facility in Cernay, France, will offer a range of specialist training courses and expanded lifecycle care services for Fisher valves and Emerson instrumentation for nuclear applications to engineering and safety authorities and end users in the nuclear industry. The support and training will help operators of nuclear plants across Europe, CIS and Asia improve the availability and reliability of their plants.

On-site facilities include a dedicated environment replicating valves installed in a nuclear power plant. This training provides best practices and procedures for maintaining nuclear-certified Fisher devices.

Olivier Royer, nuclear services manager, Emerson Process Management said, "The new centre enables valve maintenance training to be performed away from restricted areas of the plant, but in a realistic setting that enables trainees to experience typical maintenance issues in a controlled environment."

The ISO 29990-certified training modules are designed to ensure that personnel can perform predictive and preventive maintenance in compliance with AP913 guidelines. The systematic usage of diagnostic devices is an important part of the training to help users understand failure phenomena analysis and optimise material life.