Emerson opens regulator technologies headquarters

Emerson Process Management has opened its new global headquarters for the design, testing and manufacture of regulator technologies, including pressure regulator and relief valve solutions to help oil and gas, chemical, refining, power and other industries run their processes and operations with optimal, safe and reliable performance.

The new global regulator technologies headquarters houses a research facility with a flow lab capable of testing regulator products in extreme conditions, as well as various materials and environmental laboratories.

The new McKinney headquarters is one of several Emerson investments in Texas including the Emerson Industry Center for Hydrocarbon and Energy and the Americas headquarters for valve automation technologies, both in Houston, as well as a new Austin complex for the process systems and solutions business.

The three-story, 128,000ft2 headquarters includes offices, a customer training centre, and a fitness centre for approximately 140 highly skilled, professional employees in engineering, research and development, marketing, sales, finance and procurement.

Guest speakers for the opening ceremony include David N. Farr, chairman and CEO of Emerson; Steve Sonnenberg, president of Emerson Process Management; and Brian Loughmiller, mayor of the city of McKinney.