Erfurt Ost combined-cycle plant starts operation

The Erfurt municipal utility has put the extension of its Erfurt Ost combined-cycle power plant into operation. At the core of the plant is a Siemens SGT-700 industrial gas turbine. Siemens also supplied an SGen5-100A generator and was in charge of the commissioning of the turbine and the generator. The company will also be responsible for service for the major components in the coming years.

The Siemens SGT-700 industrial gas turbine has an electrical capacity of up to 31MW. The thermal energy that is generated is also utilised for steam generation with operation of the existing steam turbine. In addition to electricity, the extension of the Erfurt Ost combined-cycle plant will also supply district heating for the city of Erfurt.

The new plant in Erfurt will generate around 150GWh of electricity annually. This expansion of the power plant will enable the municipal utility to cover nearly the entire electricity demand for Erfurt. "Siemens received orders for power plant modernisation and for generators and I&C systems from the Erfurt municipal utility as early as the mid to late 90s. Our efficient and reliable SGT-700 industrial gas turbine again won over the customer in Erfurt", declared Thierry Toupin, CEO of the Gas Turbines and Generators Business Unit of the Siemens Energy Sector.