Exlar has announced that the Tritex II Series AC actuator (available in linear and rotary varieties) has won a 2009 Design News Golden Mousetrap Award for Best Product under the category Motion Control/Automation, subcategory Motors & Mechanical Components.

Tritex II was one of 23 Golden Mousetrap Award winners selected from a record number of entries. The Tritex II AC actuator has 1500W operation and digital position control and combines a brushless servomotor with either linear or rotary (output) actuation within a sealed housing. The Tritex II AC actuator offers built-in mechanical converters that eliminate the need for traditional ball screw or gear reducer mechanisms, incorporating all the required position control and power electronics into the actuator itself.

The Tritex II actuator’s all-in-one design eliminates the need for an external servo amplifier and cables. The actuator operates from 100-240VAC to allow direct connection to factory power sources, and it provides multiple feedback types, including absolute feedback. Offering digital and analogue I/O, Tritex II integrates into control architectures and machine control processes by utilising popular communication networks such as Modbus, Ethernet IP, HART, Modbus TCP/IP, CANopen and CAN/J1939.