Expro has won an Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) “Spotlight on New Technology” award for its FlowCAT™ Wireless Safety Valve System.

The award recipients are recognised for producing innovative technologies that significantly impact offshore exploration and production. This year’s award will be presented on 4 May at the annual OTC in Houston, Texas, USA. FlowCAT is a wireless controlled safety valve that can be retrofitted into a well after the tubing retrievable safety valve or control line has failed.

Being controllable from surface and of a fail-safe design, The FlowCAT flow control system, which was developed in conjunction with Petrowell Ltd, is a step-change technology that can be retrofitted into a well using conventional slickline intervention equipment and procedures.

Of significance, FlowCAT requires no modifications to, or recertification of, the wellhead components. The valve system recently completed a six-month field trial in a gas well located onshore Southern Italy. The 4 1/2in FlowCAT valve was deployed into the well using standard slickline intervention methods and was cycled and inflow tested regularly during periods of both production and injection.