Designed for integration into special-purpose machinery and featuring an increased payload and larger work envelope, the compact LRMate 200ID robot has been released from Fanuc and is suitable for cost-effective handling and transfer tasks.

The six-axis LRMate 200ID can perform the industry-standard bench test (25 x 300 x 25mm) with 1kg payload 35 per cent faster at 0.32sec or 187.5 cycles per minute.

Mounting options including ceiling, wall or floor allow integrators to design machines with ease of access to reduce lost production time when re-tooling or carrying out maintenance.

Integrated signal cabling and pneumatics are enclosed within the robot arm, from base to forearm mounted connectors, helping to prevent snagging in confined cells and speeding up programming.

The Fanuc LRMate 200ID is controlled by the energy-saving R-30iB controller.