ITT has remained committed to green, energy-efficient solutions with its new Bell & Gossett low flow automatic balance valves that feature a unique field adjusted cartridge that allows the user to select exact flows for specific applications.

The Low Flow Circuit Sentry(TM) and the Low Flow Wye-Strainer are designed for automatic flow limiting style balancing of both HVAC cooling and heating circuits. Suitable for small coils that keep constant fluid flow, the Circuit Setter valve automatically compensates for fluctuating pressure conditions. Small and compact for tight spaces, the Circuit Setter valve features an integrated P/T port with space saving "T" handle shut-off, an optional P/T port for flow verification, and a union-ended tailpiece for quick installation and maintenance.

The Low Flow Circuit SentryTM (ACL) valves have these standard features: pressure independent flow limiter that is not affected by changes in the system pressure; field adjustable flows between 0.25 GPM - 3.8 GPM - "set it and forget it"; flow accuracy of +/- 5% of flow setting; and removable flow cartridge for adjustment, commissioning, and cleaning.

The Low Flow Wye Strainer (UBYL) valves feature: removable stainless steel mesh strainer for cleaning or replacement; drain valve with hose fitting for blow down and drainage; and bypass option for 3-way control valves.