Flowrox pinch valves have been selected during a recent ash system upgrade at a large power company. The application medium was ash slurry, which the plant referred to as “liquid sand paper”.

With traditional knife gate and ball valves there were problems such as constant failure rate, increasing maintenance cost, and long downtime. Knife gates would see sediment gather on the bottom sealing area making the valve difficult to operate or close. This “liquid sand” slurry was washing out the ball, and replacing this 3-piece ball valve was expensive.

This customer had experience with Flowrox PVE in other applications. They believe Flowrox Pinch Valve will be reliable, easy to maintain, easy to replace sleeves, and believes the sleeve will withstand the sand blasting effect along with the high pH corrosion. The Flowrox valves were specially built to be able to lock the valve in the open or closed position.