Flowserve Corp. has successfully completed seismic testing for Modified Flowserve Durco and McCANNA valves for multiple radiation waste remediation projects. Flowserve Durco extended bonnet cartridge plug valves and Flowserve McCANNA top-entry cartridge ball valve designs passed stringent seismic testing on the first attempt.

Each valve was cycled 16,000 times with pumped simulant flowing at 150psig. Seismic tests included a 0-100 hertz resonance search, followed by six random-frequency, independent-excitation triaxial seismic tests with up to three-G acceleration. These successful seismic tests build on the NQA-1 qualification Flowserve has maintained since 2001. The valves will be used in the remediation of nuclear waste.

The waste material is chemically treated and vitrified to fuse the radioactive materials into impermeable glass solids, which can then be stored safely as the isotopes decay and ultimately become harmless.