Sierra Instruments has launched a line of mass flowmeters certified by Sierra for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting. All Sierra GHG meters now conform to the new EPA rule (40 CFR Part 98), which mandates that as of 2 January 2010, companies in the US that emit more than 25,000tns/yr of CO2 equivalent must report GHG emissions.

The three GHG certified thermal mass flowmeters are the Boiler-Trak, model 640S and model 780S. Sierra Boiler-Trak is a thermal mass flowmeter designed for stationary combustion applications (commercial boilers, kilns and heaters), which are among the largest emitters of CO2. Sierra model 640S has been optimised for landfill gas, the second largest source of CO2.

The 640S has 100:1 turndown, no moving parts, and generates nominal pressure drop across the immersible sensor probe, and so it is suitable for this application. The Sierra model 780S was designed for gas and electricity producers, the third largest category of CO2 emitters.

This flowmeter is routinely used by gas and power plants to measure methane to compressors, pre-heaters, boilers and other process equipment.