Garlock actuator uses Scotch Yoke principle

Garlock's pneumatic part-turn valve actuator transmits force from the piston to the shaft by means of a lever arm system (Scotch Yoke principle). This principle yields up to 20% savings during force transmission compared to the rack and pinion principle because the highest force is generated at the highest valve torque. This cost-effective principle and a compact design with reduced dimensions enable easy handling and minimum air (energy) consumption.

The product line features double acting actuators with a torque ranging from 7Nm to 8000Nm and single acting actuators with 5Nm to 2600Nm. Service life is considerably extended by the Garlock actuators made of very sturdy anodized aluminum housings. They boast smooth running properties and gentle starting behavior that extends valve life and guarantee high corrosion resistance.

For very aggressive atmospheres Garlock special coatings made of epoxy resin, nickel or PTFE are the right choice. The high-quality design guarantees a service life of at least 2 million switching cycles. The efficiency of the actuators is furthered optimized by the rolled bearing surfaces, resulting in minimization of the stick-slip effect and durable and reliable piston sealing.