Grimm retires from SAMSON Executive Board

Hans-Erich Grimm, vice chairman of the SAMSON Executive Board, retired on 30 September 2013 after a career spanning almost 50 years. His impressive career at SAMSON began in 1965 when he took up a sales apprenticeship, and it ended in the position of vice chairman of the Executive Board. At a moving farewell ceremony, Grimm reminisced about the best job he could imagine: conquering the world on behalf of SAMSON.

Grimm was the driving force behind SAMSON's international expansion. He initiated the foundation of numerous subsidiaries all across the world. With 670 business trips to 57 countries, he embodied and lived the global presence of SAMSON. "Your excellent expertise guided you through your time on the Executive Board. You have been a mover and shaker in Sales and rendered great services to SAMSON”, said Dr Nikolaus Hensel, chairman of the Supervisory Board of SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, in his speech.

Dr Andreas Widl who joined the executive board in June 2013 will succeed Grimm. Dr Widl took over as the head of Sales, Marketing and Strategy from Grimm after working at his side for four months. Before he joined SAMSON, Dr Widl had held executive positions at the Mannesmann group, General Electric and, since 2004, the Swiss Oerlikon group.