HASCO’s new range of HASCO Z3150 Valve gate shot hot runner nozzles are a further development of the needle valve nozzle focused on demanding applications in the closure cap and packaging industry. When designing the new nozzle range, particular attention was given to the specific needs of processors in this industry. The new HASCO needle valve system allows improved process control with guaranteed balanced filling of all the cavities by simultaneous opening of the valve pins after a certain amount of pressure has built up.

Optimum transmission of the holding pressure is ensured, along with avoidance of stringing and drooling of melt from the gates. The design of the nozzle also ensures long tool life thanks to the needle guidance being close to the gate and with minimal stroke. An additional extraction thread for the needle guide, as well as extraction holes for the nozzle heating increase service friendliness.

The Valve gate shot is best suited for processing polyolefins and styrene in a shot weight range of 5 -25g. With a nozzle front sealing diameter of only 10mm, body diameter of 16.5mm and finely scaled nozzle lengths of 80 to now 180mm, it is possible to work with small cavity centres and also reach difficult gating positions on the article.