Rexroth’s HF02-LG series rounds out its standardized range of HF valve manifold systems with a weight-optimized base plate valve featuring high flow rates. The HF family is now available with flow rates of 0.4Cv, 0.7Cv, and 1.4Cv and can be actuated with one bus connection for all series.

The uniform interface for common field bus control (B-design) permits a simple and clear combination of various valve manifold systems, as well as standardized programming. The new HF02-LG valve manifold system offers a free selection of connection technology. With a flow rate of 0.4Cv with a valve width of 20mm, the system can accommodate up to 16 valve positions in one unit. It is possible to change the electrical controller without having to disassemble the valve manifolds.

The HF02-LG provides all valve functions: 2 x 3/2, 5/2, and 5/3. Dual-pressure operation is possible using separate exhaust connections for channels 3 and 5. Pressure zones can be limited to one valve. In principle, the valve manifold system has been designed for an internal working pressure of 36 to 145psi and can be operated in a temperature range of 32 to 122F. Up to 32 coils can be actuated with the 44-pin D-Sub high-density plug.