HiP marks 60 years in 2014

High Pressure Equipment Company (HiP) is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary in 2014 with an innovative employee leadership programme.

Since 1954, HiP has been a provider of high-performance components and systems for elevated pressure applications. Today, HiP manufactures a complete line of valves, fittings and accessories designed to provide leak-free operation at pressures ranging from 10,000psi to 150,000psi. In addition, HiP offers a family of reactors and pressure vessels, as well as pumping systems and pressure boosters. HiP has its presence in diverse markets such as waterjet cutting and cleaning, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, research and development, university, government and general industry.

This 60th anniversary year has been marked by several important events for the company. In September and early October, HiP was the featured company on Fox Business Network’s 'Manufacturing Marvels'. HiP’s innovative leadership training programme 'Everyone’s a Leader' has also been making news in 2014. The company-wide programme, started in 2013, was the brainchild of Company President Larry Loper and CFO Larry Serafin. Earlier that year, New York-based independent private equity firm Wasserstein & Co. invested in a majority ownership of the company. Under new leadership, the company moved to a much larger facility and expanded their organisational structure – almost doubling the workforce.