Honeywell ramps up production at Romanian plant

Honeywell Transportation Systems’ Friction Materials manufacturing facility in Ploiesti, Romania, has achieved the production milestone of 2M brake pads. The manufacturing facility is a key component of Honeywell’s commitment to transform the friction business and improve its competitive position with a high-tech global footprint while building on its investment in Romania.

The Ploiesti plant, which began operations in November 2012, is on its way to achieving an annual production target of more than 10M brake pads. The brake-pad manufacturing facility in Romania is Honeywell’s first European facility dedicated to exclusively using the Hot Press manufacturing technology to make original equipment brake pads for light-duty passenger vehicle applications, largely for European automotive manufacturers.

“This high-tech facility in Ploiesti is the latest expression of Honeywell’s commitment to transforming its Friction Materials business, and also to Romania as another example of a high-value, high-quality investment in the country, said Terrence Hahn, president and CEO of Honeywell Transportation Systems. “Honeywell has enjoyed success in Romania for more than 15 years. The addition of this Friction facility to our existing turbocharger plant in Bucharest – which is our largest turbo plant in the world – is feeding the growth strategies of Honeywell Transportation Systems within the region and around the world.”