Kyrgyzstan to build hydropower plants on Naryn River

Kyrgyzstan has begun the construction of the Naryn-1 Hydropower Plant with the assistance of the Russian company RusHydro.
Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev said, "A cascade of hydropower plants will be built here. Working together with our Russian partners, we will build the first four hydropower plants within the next three to four years, and in the future we will bring their number in the upper reaches of the river Naryn at least to six." He added that the construction of a cascade of hydropower plants on the Naryn would create jobs and have a significant multiplicative effect for the regional and the national economy.
Kyrgyzstan will begin constructing the Kambar-Ata-1 Hydropower Plant with Russia as well as sign documents on the joint construction of a cascade of hydropower plants on the River Sary-Jaz before the Chinese president's visit to Kyrgyzstan in autumn.
Atambayev said that Kyrgyzstan has started making steps to ensure its energy independence. The construction of the Datka sub-station is to be completed in June. This will enable people living in southern Kyrgyzstan to receive electricity directly, bypassing Uzbekistan.
Yevgeny Dod, chairman of RusHydro Board, said that the construction of four hydropower plants on the Naryn is an extremely important project, which will show all investors that they can and should invest in Kyrgyzstan.
Dod said, "The construction of the Naryn Hydropower Plant is only the beginning. There is great potential for building six hydropower plants, and this will be discussed."