Lightning strike solution from SIPOS

An advanced actuation solution has contributed to a lightning strike protection initiative at a wastewater treatment project located at Denmark’s Port of Aarhus. Designed to provide high standard potable water, single phase actuators from SIPOS Aktorik play a key role in the scheme’s innovative storm protection solution.

Managed by the Aarhus Municipality, the major project includes basins and pipes constructed by Aarhus Water A/S to collect sewage and rainwater. Consideration was given to the fact that lightning could take the WwTW out of operation: actuation technology was therefore required to re-direct water to collection basins that can be emergency operated without power from the network.

Commenting on the need for innovative and effective actuation, a Technical Specialist for Aarhus Water, Mr. Morten Nygaard advised that in the event of a lightning strike power may be lost and, if this happens, it must be possible to continue to operate the penstocks and valves. It was therefore necessary to use penstocks, gatevalves and drives that were 100% reliable, even without power.

Grønbech & Sønner delivered the solution that comprises several single phase SIPOS actuators for ON/OFF and modulating service. Equipped with frequency converter, SIPOS’ actuators have the advantage of having very low starting current, making them ideally suited to Uninterruptable Power Supply.

All SIPOS actuators delivered for the Aarhus project meet IP 68 standards and are further protected as they are mounted in closed wells beneath Aarhus' roads and pavements.