The Metso DNA Loop Monitoring Services make it possible to monitor even up to hundreds of control loops and ensure their proper operation in real time. The services are suitable, for example, for the pulp, paper, chemical and energy industries, in which processes are controlled through extensive, advanced control solutions.

The services consist of a measuring maintenance application, which collects data on the operation of the control loops in the process under monitoring, and of Metso’s specialists’ know-how. When the application detects weakening in loop performance, a specialist checks the situation and provides the customer’s maintenance organization with a suggestion for repair measures. The services make it easier to plan the maintenance measures and the resources needed in them in advance, and the work can be carried out as soon as it is possible.

Servicing equipment right on time also improves production process safety and decreases unplanned shutdowns. Regular reporting informs the customer which loop repair measurements have been carried out and which will be carried out next. Metso DNA Loop Monitoring Services are available either as analyzing services or as more extensive maintenance cooperation. Through the latter the customer gains access to Metso’s wide process know-how and specialist network.