Minesto considers Wales for marine power plants

Minesto is considering a full-scale deployment of Deep Green in the Welsh waters after extensive measurements of the sea conditions carried out by SEACAMS, a Welsh research project that offers marine businesses access to research facilities, expertise and knowledge from Welsh Universities.

"We are very excited about these promising developments, and we see great potential for marine energy in Wales," said Anders Jansson, CEO, Minesto. "This could bring highly qualified job opportunities to the region and also build local expertise in marine energy."

The Welsh government has made development of renewable marine energy a priority. Recently, a report commissioned by the Welsh government showed that marine energy could boost the Welsh economy by up to GBP 840M annually.

"We look at Minesto’s interest in Wales in a very positive light and would warmly welcome them to the region", said Dr John Idris Jones, director of the Anglesey Energy Island Programme, a private-public sector partnership established by the Isle of Anglesey County Council for economic development and energy research in Anglesey and North West Wales. "Minesto´s Deep Green technology is important to supplement other tidal energy device developers that are also active in the region."