GEMÜ has developed a new motorized open/close actuator for globe and diaphragm valves. The valves using this actuator are suited to applications without plant air.

The actuator, with a power consumption of approximately 24W, is designed so that it only requires power to position the valve. When it has reached the closed or open end position, the integrated limit switch switches the actuator off automatically and holds the valve in position until the next control signal. A seal adjuster can be implemented using the adjustable limit switch of the closed position. The electrical connection is made via M12 connectors.

The actuating speed is between 4-10mm/sec, depending on the nominal size. The actuator is offered in two valve designs. The GEMÜ S680 diaphragm valve is available in PVC-U, reinforced PP and brass in sizes DN 15 - 25. Ratings are maximum 6bar, depending on nominal size and maximum permissible operating temperatures are 60C. The operating time is between 0.5-1sec, depending on size. The GEMÜ S580 angle seat globe valve is also available in sizes DN 15 - 25. Reinforced PP and brass are available as valve body materials and the ratings as per the S680. The operating time is between 0.8-1sec, depending on size.