The NITRA line of pneumatic components has expanded to include additional fittings and valves for use with polyurethane and nylon tubing. The ME and MS series fittings include two additional male straight and two male elbows with #10-32 thread.

Added sizes include 5/32in and 1/4in. The MEL series includes two additional long male elbow fittings. The 5/32in and 1/4in fittings feature #10-32 threads. The MSR series fittings are push-to-connect male straight round fittings available in ten sizes ranging from 5/32in to 1/4in and 4mm to 6mm. These fittings feature a nickel-plated brass body with an internal hex socket, stainless steel gripping claws and pre-applied Teflon thread sealant.

The HVU series of three-way hand valves is available in seven sizes ranging from 1/4in to 1/2in and 6mm to 12mm; the valve blocks upstream pressure when closed and vents downstream pressure. CVU series union check valves have been added ranging from 5/32in to 3/8in and 6mm to 8mm sizes. The check valves allow air flow in one direction and block air flow in the reverse direction.

Stop valves are now available in sizes ranging from 5/32in to 1/2in and 6mm to 12mm diameters. The valves are designed to block upstream air pressure when the downstream tube is removed. A pneumatic tubing cutter designed for use with 1/8in to 1/2in and 4mm to 12mm flexible plastic tubing.