NORMA Group recognises global suppliers

NORMA Group bestowed its first ever ‘Global Supplier Recognition Award’ on selected suppliers. Going forward, NORMA Group will sponsor the award on an annual basis. The award for outstanding performance and results in 2014 went to EMS Chemie Holding (EMS). Based in Switzerland, EMS is a manufacturer of high-performance polymers and specialty chemicals.

John Stephenson, COO of NORMA Group, officially presented the ‘Global Supplier Recognition Award’ to Magdalena Martullo, CEO of EMS, at Oestrich-Winkel, Germany this July. “EMS deserves to be recognised as our most reliable supplier in 2013”, John Stephenson said. “Only partners of this class enable us to meet our exceptional quality standards and deliver on our commitment to exceeding our clients' expectations. That is why we have started to recognise our top suppliers and reward their outstanding work from this year onwards.” Magdalena Martullo said: “NORMA Group and EMS have been working together successfully on a global basis for many years. We will continue this partnership in the future.”

NORMA Group confers the ‘Global Supplier Recognition Award’ acknowledging EMS' supplier performance in 2013. As part of the award process, NORMA Group assessed supplier reliability, product quality, competitiveness, compliance with international quality standards and the sustainable use of resources based on an extensive list of criteria.