ASCO Numatics has introduced the 8361 series of stainless steel pilot valves. The series’ unique design uses T-seal technology to reduce the dormancy or “sticking” problems that can occur in control valves installed in the pneumatic logic panels that control monitoring safety systems in offshore oil and gas production facilities. The valve’s body is made entirely in 316L stainless steel, and the elgiloy and stainless steel springs are designed for corrosion resistance and severe service beyond 1 million cycles.

The 8361 series is offered in manually operated, air piloted, and solenoid piloted versions and can be configured as breathing and non breathing. The non breathing version isolates internal components from the atmosphere and is internally vented, preventing contaminants such as salt and dust to enter the valve and corrode internal components.

An 8361 Series online toolset is available that allows customers to quickly build a valve that meets a set of specific requirements. It then displays the list price, availability, 3D CAD drawings, and specifications for the configured product. The 8361 configurator generates an order code for the valve that permits an immediate online purchase and greatly simplifies the reordering process.