A fast-growing Aberdeen-based valves company has been awarded a ‘highly significant’ valve healthcare contract. Aberdeen Valve Supplies Ltd (AVS) bosses say that the contract, potentially for three years, will ensure that planned expansion and recruitment, including a new apprenticeship scheme, can go ahead.

The contract, for an unspecified sum, is for repair test and service - or ‘healthcare’ - of valves for oil operations from AVS’s new headquarters in Minto Place, Altens, on the southern outskirts of Aberdeen. AVS moved from a base at Burnbank, Altens, into larger premises round the corner and the acquisition 18 months ago of the valve-manufacturing firm LGV, based in Walsall in the Midlands of England, means it now has the facility to manufacture as well as supply and service the bespoke ball valves.

The company is investing in a modern, bespoke paint facility solely for valves at Altens later this year which joins the advanced test facility. The investment in both stands in excess of GBP 500,000. As well as providing valves for the North Sea, AVS has a customer order book with an international flavour – Baku, on the Caspian Sea, Australia, Tunisia, the Gulf of Mexico – and is now looking to an entry into the world’s nuclear power industry with LG manufactured product after significant research and development and stringent safety testing programs.