Sipos Aktorik has introduced a dedicated, full colour brochure detailing the company’s SIWI and SIWI – AS products. Recognising the nuclear industry’s exacting demands for safety and quality standards, Sipos developed two product ranges: the SIWI M7636 intended for use outside the containment area and the SIWI-AS M7637 for inside containment applications.

The brochure provides practical industry and product information including a schematic of a nuclear power plant and technical tables, one of which details the actuators’ cut-off torques and output speeds. Product benefits and features described include the company’s legacy that gives it a proven functional safety track record in the nuclear sector dating back over five decades.

The brochure also details how Sipos actuators are tailored for individual environments and are supported by safety and verification documents. The photograph shows the SIWI actuator image as featured in Sipos’ new nuclear brochure.