Pentair CEO among HBR’s 100 best-performing CEOs

Harvard Business Review (HBR) has recognised Pentair Chairperson and CEO Randall J. Hogan as one of its ‘100 Best-Performing CEOs in the World’ for 2014. The list, which appears in the November issue of the magazine, offers the only ranking of global CEOs' performance over their entire tenure. This is Hogan's first appearance on the list, ranking 68th based on the publication's evaluation of global CEOs.

To create the list, HBR looked at CEOs of the S&P Global 1200 who assumed their role between 1995 and April 30, 2012 – 832 current CEOs in 30 countries around the world. For each executive, HBR looked at three metrics: industry-adjusted shareholder returns, country-adjusted shareholder returns and increase in market capitalisation over each CEO's tenure. In addition, HBR worked with the Reputation Institute, which ranks global companies annually according to how positively they are regarded, to reorder the list. Pentair and Hogan ranked 63rd with a score of 69.87 out of 100.

Hogan was named Pentair's CEO in 2001 and was appointed chairperson in 2002. He first joined Pentair in 1998 as executive vice president and president of the Enclosures Group. Under Hogan’s leadership, the company transformed from a holding company to an operating company. In 2012, Hogan led the company through a USD 10B all-stock merger with Tyco International's Flow Control business.