Speaking at the "Global Deepwater Technology Development" panel in Houston, USA, Petrobras' executive manager for production engineering in Exploration & Production, Solange da Silva Guedes highlighted the importance of integrating companies that operate in deepwater oil and gas fields with universities and suppliers for the development of offshore production technology. The panel, with more than 250 attendees, opened the first day of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), the world's biggest event devoted to offshore oil exploration and production. "The collaboration with universities, companies and suppliers from around the world is something Petrobras is used to doing, and it has been very fruitful", said the executive. She also mentioned that the development of technologies in partnership with other institutions, such as Procap that made possible most of the solutions for the Campos Basin, have proven to be successful at Petrobras. "The first Procap was created to develop technologies for production in fields at water depths greater than 400 meters", she recalled. "Today, the Procap Visão Futuro (Future Vision) seeks to anticipate the needs and to provide and improve the technologies", she said while mentioning the program, which is focused on technological solutions in oil and gas exploration and production, and brings together more than 40 institutions from all over the world in the areas of logistics, reservoirs, sustainability and well engineering. Joint projects such as DeepStar are very important for Petrobras’ technology development strategy because they help accelerating the detection of solutions at reduced R&D costs. DeepStar, an organization focused on research and development of technologies for deepwater oil exploration and production, is the result of bringing together the world's most important energy companies. According to Solange, the company's long-term technological strategy provides a strong co-operation between Petrobras and its main partners, contributing to technologies that are powerful tools to ensure safe and efficient operations.