Leser’s new product series: the pilot-operated safety valve will be launched in August of this year. Both pop-action valves (Series 810) and modulate-action valves (Series 820) are available. The typical application areas of the pilot-operated safety valve (POSV) are refineries and gas processing plants, compressors in gas pipeline systems and offshore applications.

The own-media-controlled POSV offers the advantage that the plant can be run close to the set pressure of the valve. This leads to an increase in the capacity utilization and consequently of the efficiency of the plant. Furthermore, POSVs allow higher external back pressures than spring-loaded valves. By means of the harmonized standard DIN EN ISO 4126-4 pilot-operated safety valves are now also approved in Europe.

The Leser POSV will be with a short four-week lead time ex-works in Germany. As a special design feature, the tubing between the pilot valve and the main valve is integrated in the main valve cover, reducing the risk of damage or freezing. The backflow preventer is included as standard. The POSV will be part of the new Leser product group High Efficiency. This group unites all products which increase the efficiency and the productivity of the plant.