SIPOS Aktorik has extended its SIPOS 5 Flash series with an extreme precision product. The SIPOS 5 HiMod is designed to support a range of industries including the water and power sectors. Typical applications include control valves, boiler startup valves, turbine regulation installations and all other instances where high levels of accuracy and flexibility are demanded.

Features of the SIPOS 5 HiMod actuator include integrated encoder accuracy of 0.002 .. 0.003 % of the total travel. The new actuator also meets requirements for the highest modulating level “Class D“ (continuous modulating) according to DIN EN 15714-2 (Electric actuators for industrial valves – Basic requirements, Edition 2010-02).

Additional features offered as standard for the HiMod actuator include external COM-SIPOS interface, encoder for position measurement, non-intrusive commissioning without tools and highly sophisticated modulation software functions.