SIPOS actuation addresses Australian WwTW

A wide catchment area for an Australian WwTW has been supported with electric actuation from SIPOS Aktorik. The established manufacturer provided a sophisticated valve control solution as an upgrade initiative for Lower Molonglo, the sewerage and waste water treatment facility for the Australian capital of Canberra.

Meeting a design challenge to provide greater valve control, SIPOS installed split mounted actuation technology at a supply site some 16mi South East of the treatment works.

A key challenge was replacing existing actuation with process control technology that provided a high degree of flexibility and ‘future proofed’ the solution with additional control steps. Specific operating times and simplified set up achieved by direct inputs ensured the requirements were met and a high degree of control flexibility was provided.

A split mounted solution from SIPOS ensured that setting and control of the valve was made easy for operators – to achieve this, the electronic control unit was installed above ground and the motor gear unit was located underground with the valve and pipework.

The SIPOS 5 Flash actuator is set apart from other actuation technology with its capability to control valve position based on pre-set time intervals. Up to ten time set points, with corresponding valve positions, can be programmed which addresses water hammer.